3 tips to plan your dream vacation

3 tips to plan your dream vacation

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If asked to come up with an idea for their dream vacations, many people may not hesitate to name a destination. The Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China and St. Peter's Basilica are just a few of the many attractions people have on their bucket lists.

Planning can help people turn their dream vacations into reality. The following three tips can help those who have many a destination left to visit on their bucket lists get out of the house and off to parts unknown.

  1. Make use of travel agencies.

With an abundance of travel-based websites at your fingertips, you may be inclined to go it alone when planning a dream vacation. However, travel agencies remain valuable assets to would-be vacationers, especially when planning overseas trips. Travel agencies often get discounted admissions to popular tourist attractions, which can save travelers substantial amounts of money. In addition, vacationers who prefer self-driving excursions can rely on the expertise of travel agents to map out their trips and find comfortable lodging in small towns and cities. It might not be possible to book nights in bed and breakfasts or countryside inns via travel websites, while travel agents often have working relationships with some businesses.

  1. Start saving now.

Vacation costs fluctuate, and much of that cost will be determined by where you live and where you want to go. But vacationing isn't cheap no matter where you go, so saving early and often is a great way to guarantee you can do everything you want while on vacation without breaking the bank. Airfare will be one of your biggest expenses, so start looking for flights around the time of year you want to travel. Once you get a ballpark of how much you will need to spend on airfare, you can then start to look into lodging costs, which might be slightly more than airfare depending on the length of your trip. Travel agencies often build lodging into their estimates and arrange lodging for their clients. That can greatly reduce the cost of lodging and make planning that much simpler.

  1. Explore ways to save.

Unless you have an unlimited travel budget, you will probably encounter some dream vacation sticker shock as you start researching flights, hotels, etc. If you're planning a resort vacation, then consider all-inclusive packages, which typically include food and beverages. Such packages can be financially prudent, especially for travelers who intend to spend most of their time at the resort. Resorts also tend to offer discounted prices on local tourist attractions to their guests. Travelers who can travel at any time of year also might be able to save substantial amounts of money by traveling during the offseason. Everything from flights to hotels to attraction tickets may be heavily discounted during the offseason.

A dream vacation can be everything you expect and more with some simple planning strategies.