A Bed and Breakfast Experience

staying in a bed and breakfast

Experience a Bed and Breakfast Brought to you by a Southern Maryland Bed and Breakfast, The Brome Howward Using a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel in Southern Maryland or anywhere you travel in the US will be an experience like never before. The attention to detail and the service you will receive from…

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Advantages of a bed and breakfast

Discover The Many Advantages Of Staying At A Bed And Breakfast Summary: When you are away from home, there is nothing more comforting than having that “home” feeling. That’s what makes bed and breakfasts so special. You can get a bed, a breakfast, and a personal host. Staying at a bed and breakfast has some…

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Unique Gift Certificates! Giving Gifts Online Is Easy, Convenient, And Fun


Unique Gift Certificates! Giving Gifts Online Is Easy, Convenient, And Fun! When it comes to shopping for unique gift ideas online, there is a new phenomenon growing every year and if you guessed unique gift certificates as an option, you were correct!  Although we don’t offer the generic, impersonal gift certificate we can offer you…

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Choose A Bed And Breakfast Over A Hotel

travel list

Choose A Maryland Bed And Breakfast Over A Hotel Chain And Enjoy Your Vacation Traveling for business or vacationing always has one thing in common; you need a place to stay. Unfortunately, many individuals choose large hotel chains which have no personality and do nothing more than provide a place to sleep for their guests.…

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3 tips to plan your dream vacation

vacation destination

3 tips to plan your dream vacation If asked to come up with an idea for their dream vacations, many people may not hesitate to name a destination. The Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China and St. Peter’s Basilica are just a few of the many attractions people have on their bucket lists. Planning…

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A guide to hosting a daytime wedding

Back of The Inn

A guide to hosting a daytime wedding in St. Mary’s County MD Weddings dot the social calendars of millions of people across the globe. The Association for Wedding Professionals International says every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States and approximately 150,000 per year are performed in Canada. Evenings…

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Bed and Breakfast experience in Southern MD

The Bed and Breakfast Experience in Southern MD   If you have ever wanted to get away to a nice and peaceful bed and breakfast in Southern MD you have come to the right place! “The Bed and Breakfast Experience” describes the differences offered by bed and breakfasts compared to hotels. Essentially you enjoy the…

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Make the most of a rainy honeymoon in Southern MD

Rain on a wedding day is something that many couples encounter, but the silver lining is that various cultures view rainy wedding days as a symbol of a lucky and successful match. Rain on a wedding day is considered good luck in India and in areas of Great Britain and Ireland as well. In ancient…

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