The different types of lodging accommodations in St. Mary’s County MD

The different types of lodging accommodations in St. Mary’s County MD

When seeking accommodations for vacations or business trips, travelers have a number of lodging options to choose from. Choosing the right accommodation in any given situation involves understanding the differences between your options.

Motel in St. Mary’s County MD

Motels are budget-friendly options geared toward motorists. As the American highway system was developed in the early twentieth century, motels fulfilled the cross-country traveler's need for roadside stops. In fact, the "mo" in "motel" refers to "motor." Motels are built for short stays, and tend to have rooms that open up into parking lots for ease of use.

Hotel in St. Mary’s County MD

Hotels cater to people who will be staying a few nights. They often feature spacious lobbies and some amenities, such as swimming pools or exercise rooms. Some hotels have restaurants attached to them. Hotels are among the most popular accommodations. According to the travel resource Dauntless Jaunter, hotels are categorized according to a "star" rating system.

  • 1-star: This is a bare essentials hotel that offers just the basics with no extra bells and whistles.
  • 2-star: A two-star hotel is usually reasonably priced and has minimal services and amenities and a neutral decor.
  • 3-star: This hotel is meant to offer an above-average stay as far as options and amenities. Modern conveniences can be expected at three-star properties.
  • 4- and 5-star: These hotels offer deluxe service and guests can expect luxury amenities and a wide range of offerings at these properties. However, they also can expect to pay more for accommodations.

Extended stay/efficiency suites in St. Mary’s County MD

Extended stay properties offer competitive rates for travelers who will need to remain at the hotel for a longer period of time than the average trip or desire more room. Extended stay rooms and efficiency suites are large and have features like small apartments, including kitchenettes and living areas.


Hostels are geared toward the traveler who needs a place to stay on a limited budget. Hostels often offer communal accommodations with shared rooms and bathroom facilities at very low costs, according to the hospitality resource Professional Connector.

Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast establishments typically are converted family homes or large guest houses that feature a number of bedrooms. Owners rent the rooms to guests, who eat breakfast in the dining room, sometimes alongside other guests. It's a communal experience and one that lends a more family feel to traveling.

Inn in St. Mary’s County MD

Inns usually are smaller than chain hotels, and tend to be family-owned. They offer charm and cozy appeal to guests, but that may come at the expense of in-room amenities.

Airbnb in St. Mary’s County MD

A relative newcomer to the accommodations arena, an Airbnb is a residental property that hosts renters, often on a short-term basis. These may be private apartments, condos, homes, or vacation properties that owners temporarily sublet to travelers. While Airbnb is the name of a registered rental marketplace company (, the term often is used for any property that follows the same model, including options from companies like VRBO and HomeAway. Airbnb is an abbreviation that stands for "air mattress bed and breakfast."

Traveling can be customized based on the type of accommodations travelers select.

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